was invented 5 years ago on the Belgian version of the “dragons den.” A simple idea of turning a fully baked biscuit called speculoos into a spreadable paste.

Biscuitbutter is therefore called “speculoos paste” in Belgium.

Speculoos was originally a biscuit made for St-Nicolas but is now enjoyed by millions all year round. It has a caramelised flavour with hints of cinnamon.

Traditional Belgian speculoos biscuit.

A caramelised biscuit with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. What makes our “Belgian biscuit” so special is that it we use an authentic recipe with respect for the traditional process but combined with new technology in health & safety and traceability. These biscuits are one of the only speculoos biscuits still made with unrefined raw cane sugar whereas most manufacturers use refined sugars and syrups. We do not use any artificial colouring, flavours or additives.